Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Use for aerbic classes!

New Balance WX997 Performance Training

New Balance WX997 Performance Training

I received these and tried them on the treadmill. First I walked a quarter mile at a good clip. Then I tried on a different shoe brand that I had purchased for comparison. I figured this would be the ideal time to try walking shoes since I had been on my feet at my volunteer job for 7 hours. My feet were tired and not too happy. Perfection.
First, the fit was true to size. I usually have to buy shoes with lots of toe room(translated: boxy). These had plenty of toe room, but surprisingly, they do not look boxy.
Secondly, this shoe is pretty neutral in rise. This is comfortable for walking.
Thirdly, there were no places where they rubbed or pinched. Good sign.
When I tried on the other pair of the brand of shoe that I usually get and tried to walk a quarter mile they were all wrong. I had to take them off right away. So I put the Teva shoes back on and walked another quarter mile. Wow, they just kept getting better. Then I kept them on for the rest of the afternoon. They were so comfortable. I felt like I was walking on air. This is very unusual for me. I have terrible feet.
So I have a shoe that is nice looking, comfortable out of the box, and a good color. What more can I ask.
Well, I guess I could ask that they last a long time and still feel good after 10 miles. We'll see..........

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4 komentar:

  1. I love their design for the lateral moves in our classes. Sure helped my knees! Bought two pairs and have worn these for three months. Will buy them in the future.

  2. Very comfortable shoes, been wearing them for a month , fits perfect, like color a lot ,truth to size, nice style. I will recommend to other people.

  3. Love these kicks! Bought another set of shoe strings to match the LOGO. I will be wearing these shoes to death....