Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

Super Sexy Factor--Stileto Ankle Bootie

Classic Platform Stiletto Basic Bootie

Classic Platform Stiletto Basic Bootie

I am bad at wearing high heels. I twist my ankle, get blisters, and don't carry myself well. I look upon women who wear stillettos on a daily basis with awe and disbelief.

But these shoes are fantastic - so fantastic that I literally own them in every color, something I can say for exactly zero other articles of clothing. I bought them in every color because, after getting the pink ones, I knew that I could actually wear them, unlike so many other heels.

Here's the thing. These shoes have not-insignificant heels, but their width and the way they distribute the wearer's weight makes them as close to hazard-free as heels get. They're a little edgy-looking, as easily cute as sexy without going too far in either direction - totally work-appropriate. They can be dressed up or down. And, let me be clear, they're soft. The leather wears quickly and easily, exactly the way you want leather to wear - to fit your foot.

Buy the shoes if you're on the fence! They're great. Thanks for making awesome pumps, Envy.

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  1. Clifton Dominguez19 November 2010 07.32

    I originally bought these stiletto ankle boot booties to go along with the item I also bought below (in pink)
    G2 Fashion Square Long Sleeves Women'S Cropped Jacket.

    Now I find myself wearing them all the time, even when there is snow on the ground because they can make anything in my whole wardrobe look really good. Good is not the word I am looking for. More like, really, really SEXY! I am into a lot of skinny jeans, "Jeggins", leggings, sweater dresses, tunics with belts....the list literally goes on for miles. These stilettos rock my world though. They are by far one of my favorite pair of shoes now. Thank you Amazon, for having them available here!