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Walking Cradles

Walking Cradles Womens Ankle Strap Sandal

Walking Cradles Womens Ankle Strap Sandal

Brian Castner has blast-induced memory losses. He is crazy, he runs. He has spent nearly eight years in Iraq.

In one of the scenes in the book, the humvee in which he is riding is surrounded by a mob. It is necessary to exit and shoot, he thinks. Then, thankfully, the convoy moves forward slowly. Brian Castner calls his anxiety the Crazy. It didn't start right away at the end of his deployment.

The sights, the smells of being sent to a war zone are described. The author, through poor eye sight, ended up being directed by the Air Force into the field of Disaster Preparedness. He sought to attend the Explosive Ordinance Disposal school, (the bomb squad). Passing and surviving the training for nine months results in a different person being created by graduation day.

Afterwards, out of the military, the author becomes a civilian EOD instructor. He had been relieved of his first command for disobeying a direct order of a general during wartime. After spending four months doing paperwork, he was again put in command of a group and became swept up in the deployment current.

In the war zone Castner hated going out at night. The squad used robots. The narrator (author) explains that he has become two people. The scientific application of high explosives makes terrorism and modern war possible.

During world War II the British UXB cleared bombs and fire brigades stopped the fires. The bomb technicians shifted the direction of the war. In Iraq the U.S. failed. Instead of destroying ammunition depots, the columns of soldiers kept moving.

The book brings war closer than anything I've read. I hope policymakers read this.

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  1. Found the shoe on line. Loved the fit and the shoe was well padded for comfort. the color is great also.

  2. These shoes are so comfortable and look great. They're true to size, but can also be adjusted somewhat for the best fit. I liked these so much, I bought another pair of Walking Cradles in another style, and love those, too!

  3. Loved the sandals but had to return them because the ankle strap was too short and they did not have them in a wider size in the color I wanted. Too Bad!

  4. Nicholas Fletcher17 November 2012 10.32

    I have been wearing these sandals for years and own multiple pairs. This is a fantastic and comfortable shoe, and attractive to look at. Particularly good if you have wide feet like I do. I even wear it when traveling and doing a lot of walking.

  5. I wore these long hours walking over cobblestones in Spain and Italy and my feet and back never hurt! I appreciated the fact that I could wear them all day and then wear them with a dress to go out to dinner---a big bonus when traveling light.

  6. I've never had walking cradles. They are super comfortable. Wonderful padding. Like walking on air. Well made and should easily last a couple of seasons.

  7. I have been purchasing these sandals for the last 5 years. It has come a spring and summer event. I find them to be the most comfortable sandals made. I have wide feet and can adjust the straps as needed. Please keep making them. I've told my friends about the comfort and the nice "Classic" style and they have ordered them and remarked how nice they are.

    P. Bodek
    Malvern, PA