Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Great shoes

Sansha Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper

Sansha Pro Canvas Ballet Slipper

I got these for an Irish dance class that I'm taking at my university. I was wearing sneakers, but these are so much more comfortable and really made my steps nicer. I got them in black so that they wouldn't get dirty. I have never had dance shoes before, so I have nothing to compare them, but after a lot of research I got these, and I was very happy with them. After reading the reviews, I was prepared for the sizing to be off, so I checked the sizing chart at this site:


In the end I ordered a 10N (and I normally wear a women's 8 1/2), and they fit very well. Because of the shape of these, they really hug your feet, which make it very comfortable and give you a little more support. They also have elastic all the way around the opening, which you can tie for just the right fit. Also, they come with the criss-crossed straps only sewn onto the back, so you can personalize the fit. With my sewing skills they ended up a little crooked, but they fit nicely.

Also, as some people noted, the bottoms tend to get a little slippery. I would recommend maybe using sand paper or something to just rough it back up. I used a finger nail file, which was the only thing I had on hand, and it helped a lot.

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  1. I only like canvas split sole ballet shoes, and i do not like the way any block or canvas products look on my feet. i am trying to find a canvas shoe that has a bunch where the arch is so i dont have extra fabric that hangs down. I have narrow feet and moderate arches, so i also need a shoe that compliments those features. i really would like the "Performance 11" canvas shoe by Sansha, but i cannot seem to find a carrier for this shoe, as you can't order them directly from the Sansha website. if you have any shoe suggestions, please answer! and also, i live in boston if that matters at all. thanks for the help!

  2. Madeleine Avila16 November 2011 02.32

    I am a size womans 10 street shoe what size would I be in a ballet shoe? please please help!