Minggu, 04 September 2011

Very Good Boot

Kamik Womens Pearson2 Snow Boot

Kamik Womens Pearson2 Snow Boot

I normally wear a size 8-8.5 but the 8 in these just felt too big and there was too much room in the bootie and between the bootie and boot part. I was pretty skeptical about the 7 but had to try because I love the boot. 7 was a bit snug but after two days wearing, it fits great and feels pretty comfortable in the foot area. The shaft is still a bit stiff, but I think it will loosen up. I've worn it with thin socks and no socks. Thick socks would just be too warm for me, but I could probably do it if necessary.
So I would recommend sizing down or trying two sizes if possible.

I wanted Kamik boots no matter what. After googling 'snow boots made in canada' I found this brand and liked it and wanted to support it. The fact that it is made on this continent is great for a lot of reasons.

The best part of the boot is the little maple leaf on the back. So cute. The booty insert is a cool bronzey colour on the outside and orange on the inside and the trim is real shearling. Lastly, the description says 'Made in China' but it says on the boot and box and Kamik website 'Made in Canada'. Amazon just saw 'C' and thought 'China', I guess. But these are very well made and look great, especially in that sea of Sorels out on the streets.

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  1. Gordon Washington16 November 2011 09.32

    Well Made in North America.
    High quality for excellent price.
    I ordered three pair.
    One for Ohio daughter, one for Texas Daughter and one for me!
    We are all pleased

  2. These are such warm snowboots! So far, I have had no issues with them, they seem to be very well made and are waterproof. The only issue, is that they are so heavy. My legs were a little sore after I wore them the first time, but that is something I can easily get used to. They serve their purpose, and are EXCELLENT value for money. Also, as far as snow boots go, I think these are quite good looking.

  3. Great cold weather boots. These are heavy and as I am a size 5, a bit big (I got a 6), but that's what I was going for. I wear a couple of pairs of thick socks with my winter boots for especially cold, snowy activities and prefer it this way since tight boots only make your feet colder. These aren't "fashion", walking around the mall boots, these are Outdoor Girl, play in the cold and snow, boots. I have 5 pairs of winter boots for different temperatures and activities and so glad that I finally have a pair that I can always count on for really cold and snowy weather. Also, bonus that they are made in Canada and not China.

  4. The shoelace broke the first time I put them on, but luckily I had a spare. Other than that, these are solid and warm and will last me for years to come.

  5. These boots are tough, completely waterproof and comfortable. I would highly recommend them! Perfect for Wisconsin winters. They seem to run slightly large.